Our Collaborators

La Grace Integral Life Centre

La Grace Integral Life Center is nestled in the rolling foothills of upstate South Carolina. Set among 300 acres of tranquil wooded pine land, the Center is a refuge from everyday life and a nature-based paradise. People visit La Grace Integral Life Center for many reasons, but mostly they come to reconnect with nature and restore their inner being. At the heart of all programs is the teachings of an Integral Life: finding that right balance and harmony between our inner and outer life and the divine rhythm between who we presently are and what we can become in the Future. An Integral Life can be lived by anyone and anywhere. It does not call upon us to leave our work or change our outer situations, but to see them in a New Light and to act upon them with a New Consciousness. Whatever your walk of life and whatever may be your spiritual path, we invite you to visit La Grace Integral Life Center and experience for yourself an inner peace, joy and serenity.

Gnostic Center

The Gnostic Centre is a research centre for the growth of consciousness. Its vision and work is to create and establish a prototype of the universities of tomorrow, which Sri Aurobindo considered as one of the best means of preparing the future humanity to receive the new consciousness that will transform human nature and society.

In order to establish lifelong and continuous education, the Centre offers programs in areas such as: Integral Psychology, Teacher Education, Green Practices, Self Development, Conscious Leadership, Indian Studies, Arts and Culture, etc. In addition, the Centre also houses an innovative preschool called L’avenir.


SACAR, Pondicherry


Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), is a not for profit charitable trust established in Pondicherry in 1998. SACAR has for its objective an in-depth study of and research into the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and relate it to the present and future of India in particular, and the world in general. We encourage study of all allied thought and perspectives from other visionaries from different cultures with an objective to offer a synthetic view of the future. SACAR is a centre of research and learning dedicated to acquiring and implementing in all areas a new and broader perspective on human life.

SAS, Pondicherry

Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS) is an association, a movement, an invitation and an opportunity to connect and then surpass oneself, to realize one’s unity with others and integration with the entire creation, to work for a happier world, to participate in the collaborative effort, and to create the Next Future. You are welcome to join us in this effort—Let us be the change! Let us make a difference! Come be a volunteer, member and a contributor in our work!