Integral Science & Spirituality

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother emphasized the need to integrate science and spirituality in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the world and the human experience. Science and spirituality, when approached in a complementary manner, can help us attain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of reality.

Sri Aurobindo saw science and spirituality as two complementary paths of knowledge, each exploring different aspects of the universe. Science could help us understand the material world and its laws, while spirituality could reveal the hidden dimensions of reality and the ultimate purpose of life.True integration of science and spirituality would require a broader, more holistic perspective that acknowledges the interconnectedness of all phenomena.

Science and spirituality can be explored by keeping a holistic approach to knowledge, which includes not only rational inquiry but also intuition, inspiration, and direct experience. Science and spirituality as complementary means to this end, and believed that their integration can help us move towards a more harmonious and integrated understanding of ourselves and the universe.

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