Integral Core Values

Sri Aurobindo, an Indian philosopher, outlined several core values in his philosophy of integral human development. These values include:
Unity: A belief in the unity and interconnectedness of all life and the importance of promoting harmony and integration in all aspects of existence.
Truth: A commitment to seeking and embodying truth in all areas of life, including personal, social, and spiritual realms.
Love: An emphasis on the importance of compassion and love in all human relationships and the development of a sense of universal love and compassion.
Freedom: A recognition of the importance of individual freedom and the promotion of autonomy and self-expression, while also recognizing the importance of community and cooperation.
Bliss: An understanding of the importance of inner joy and fulfillment in human life and the development of a sense of inner peace and contentment.
Consciousness: A focus on the evolution of human consciousness and the realization of higher states of awareness and understanding.

These values are interrelated and interconnected, and are seen as essential for the development of a fully realized and fulfilling human life.