Integral Management for Educational Leadership

This course focuses on the application of the integral theory of learning to the field of educational leadership. Integral theory is a holistic approach that seeks to integrate multiple perspectives and ways of knowing, including scientific, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. This course allows the practitioner to become happier, stronger, smarter, and more able to love and assist others. To reach the potential of who we truly are, this course allows for reflection and practice. It is a comprehensive and holistic method of practicing for all forms of life, including our own, other people’s lives, and even the life of the planet. The course aims to equip educational leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and lead in a rapidly changing, complex educational environment. In this course, the participants will acquire the essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills that allow them to better recognise their own strengths and weaknesses, understand their purpose in life and make positive changes for themselves and for others.

Integral Management for Educational Leadership

calendarimage November 24, 2023 - February 24, 2024

clock (Indian Standard Time)