Experiencing Ecology

Environmental disturbances within the larger phenomena of Climate Change has become a commonplace occurrence in most parts of the world. In the socio-political realm this is largely attributed either to failure of resource management machinery or a technological lapse. However, a closer observation reveals that this has occurred due to a fundamentally altered consciousness of contemporary civilization towards its surrounding, the bountiful mother earth manifested in myriads of wonders all around us. The crisis is indeed a symptom of our altered perception, aspiration, priorities and trade-offs. Nature is pivotal to the welfare and sustenance of the human race. The lack of cognizance; of respect and attitudinal negligence may well be the cause of its fall.
· 22/03/2023

Required readings for the participants: 

  1. Fundamentals of Ecology – Eugene Odum.
  2. Design with Nature – Ian Mcharg.
  3. State of India’s environment, A citizen’s report. Volume – 4. Dying Wisdom – Anil Agrawal and Sunita Narain.
  4. Environmental Science, Earth as a living planet. Daniel Botkin.
  5. Pillar of sand - Sandra Postel.
  6. Replenish - Sandra Postel.
  7. Aaj bhi Khaaren hain taalab – Anupam Mishra.
  8. Silent Springs – Rachel Carson
  9. One Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka.

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