Our plan is to launch twelve modules for research and study overt the next three years, starting August 2018. These modules will be led any leading scholars and thinkers in the field.

Integral Education

Integral Education is an education system and pedagogy based on Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the human future. This module includes in-depth study and research on all aspects of integral education, ranging from integral psychology to contemporary practices and methodologies of teaching and learning.

Integral Psychology

The practical basis for integral and transformative education, this module on integral psychology will provide the opportunity not only to study integral psychology but learn how to use integral psychology in one’s life and work.

Integral Yoga

The philosophical and practical basis of all integral and transformative education, integral Yoga, developed by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, is the systematic practice of realizing one’s deepest and highest potential of being. The module will provide not only the philosophical and conceptual framework for integral Yoga but will also provide a basis for personal practice.

Integral Consciousness Studies

Integral Consciousness Studies is dedicated to the fundamental research in Consciousness and faculties of Consciousness, their operations, modalities and functions, and how they constitute one integral approach to Knowledge.

Integral Management and Leadership

Integral Management and Leadership is focused on the applied research using the discoveries of the fundamental research in Consciousness and applying them in the context of Management and Leadership.

Integral Social Sciences

Integral Social Sciences are dedicated to a deeper understanding of social phenomena in terms of the psychology of social development. The comprehensive understanding of society with regard to social and individual interconnectedness is the aim of this approach.

Integral Science and Technology

Integral Science and Technology is dealing with the question of how technology and scientific advancement can become a part of or integrated into our life and become eventually a part of its development.

Integral Art and Music

Integral Art and Music is an important component of Integral Life and development of human consciousness. How it can be incorporated into our daily activities and become a part of our Integral way of living is the direction of this research.

Integral Qualities for Leadership

A course on the sense and significance of deeper integral human values that should manifest spontaneously and naturally as one evolves in consciousness.

Integral Health and Healing

A comprehensive course on understanding and practicing integral mind-body health and healing using ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary scientific research.

Indian Spirituality in an Integral Light

Indian Spirituality in an Integral Light is a subject which begins with the Vedas and Upanishads and ends with the modern forms of spiritual knowledge. To discover an integrating light of Consciousness in the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita, and to bring it forward and apply to all forms of life is the task of this direction of research.

Sanskrit and Indian Linguistics and Literature

Sanskrit and Indian Linguistics and Literature is an important part of the recovery of Indian Spirituality. Sanskrit is the carrier and the embodiment of all major spiritual experiences in India. The theory of Transparent Etymology of Sanskrit Language is to be developed and applied to the studies of Sanskrit Language and Literature, which may play an important role in the individual and social change of life. The techniques of Svadhyaya and Japa can be studied and practiced.