Sri Aurobindo
Integral Life Centre    

The SAILC aspires to be a global hub for study and research in Sri Aurobindo and his philosophy, vision and work. It will launch its first online module by early 2019.

The SAILC consists of a team of scholars, teachers, thinkers and writers engaged in disseminating the vision and works of Sri Aurobindo amongst the young of the world in a language that the young can resonate with.

The Centre was conceived of by Shri HP Rama, Founder and President of AURO University, to become the living soul of the University, a creative hub for in-depth studies in Sri Aurobindo and his vision and works.


To bring Sri Aurobindo’s thought and vision to mainstream academic, intellectual and cultural environment of India.

To become a hub of Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s Works and Integral Yoga in terms of thought, discourse and dissemination to enable the younger generation of Indians to know and understand a deeper Vision of India.

To become a center for in-depth studies of ancient and modern spiritual Knowledge of India in the light of Sri Aurobindo through certified and non-certified courses on-campus and online, conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats.

To become a platform for educators, researchers, seekers and students from across the world to pursue the studies of Indian Scriptures, Indian Philosophy, Integral Yoga Psychology, Vedic and Vedantic Systems of Knowledge, Philosophy of Language, Ancient Indian Linguistics, sharing and publishing their research and studies.

To develop and apply new approaches to Education based on the principles and practices of integral education into the mainstream of academia at Auro University, sharing its methods and techniques with other educational institutions in India and abroad.

To develop and apply new approaches to the studies of the Humanities based on research in Integral Paradigm of Knowledge and Core-values in the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

To develop new educational tools: interactive networks, multimedia, documentaries, educational films, online libraries with ebooks, research papers, audio and video study materials etc.

Learning & Research Areas

Our plan is to launch twelve modules for research and study over the next three years, starting August 2019. These modules will be led by leading scholars and thinkers in the field.